Race, Equity, and Inclusion

What we believe:

BCF operates from the knowledge that profound disparities in opportunity exist between people of color and their white counterparts; and we acknowledge the historic and ongoing role that structural racism plays in creating and perpetuating those disparities.  That is why we are committed to reducing racial disparities, identifying and combatting structural racism and fostering more equity and inclusion through advocacy, grantmaking, impact investing and special initiatives. 

What we're doing:

A task force created by the BCF Board of Trustees in 2011 developed a framework for educating trustees, staff, and partners about diversity and inclusion principles and incorporating those principles into our focus areas of schools and neighborhoods. From the outset, the task force recognized that equity and inclusion encompasses many factors, however the history of structural racism in the Baltimore region makes it important to focus - at least initially - on race. 

Our efforts around race, equity and inclusion are organized in three categories:

  • Education - ongoing opportunities for board and staff to develop a common language and understanding of REI issues 

  • Organizational Development - an examination of BCF policies and practices with regard to race, equity, and inclusion 

  • Grantmaking - an exploration of how REI considerations can be embedded into BCF's community investment work in the areas of neighborhoods and education; and strategies for encouraging BCF grantees to consider REI in their work

What we've done: 

  • Provided ongoing race equity training to BCF's Board of Trustees including most recently an Asset Framing Training by BMe in May 2020

  • Initiated staff brown bag lunch discussions about race in the workplace facilitated by Stamey Street Consulting Group 

  • Seeded a Small Business Support Fund to provide technical assistance and credit enhancement to small businesses, particularly those owned by people of color, that have been denied access to traditional forms of capital. The Fund awarded $775,000 to six local businesses in March 2020

  • Implemented recommendations to improve BCF's internal operations in the areas of personnel, board and committee development, vendor recruitment, investment management, and communications

  • Created new criteria for managing vendor, contractor and investment manager relationships

  • Provided the Race Matters Toolkit trainingavailable here, to lead partners from BCF’s two target neighborhoods, Greater Highlandtown and Reservoir Hill

  • Advocated for public investments to address extreme racial disparities in education as demonstrated in the Inequities in Opportunity and Achievement in Maryland report BCF commissioned from The Education Trust. These disparities are a reflection of how we organize our schools and shortchange certain students when it comes to critical educational opportunities from early learning to high school. Legislation BCF supported, The Blueprint for Maryland's Future, passed the Maryland General Assembly in March 2020, but Governor Hogan has. threatened to veto it. We urge you to contact legislators to override the Governor's veto and ensure a high-quality education for every child in our state - regardless of race, income or zip code

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