Why we are FOR expanding pre-K in Maryland

February 13, 2014

From The Baltimore Sun, 2/13/14: an opinion piece by Laura Gamble, Josh Fidler and Tom Wilcox

Business leaders are investing in education in Baltimore, and not just out of charity or to "give back." While both are worthy purposes, our business leaders recognize the bottom line value in a growing and diverse Baltimore economy. Investment in education will make that a reality. Various levels of government are reciprocating, and the legislative session and upcoming gubernatorial race offer a perfect time to take that work to the next level. . . We endorse a plan for expanding preschool opportunities in our state that calls for a phased-in approach to increase the current income eligibility for families from 185 percent of the poverty level to 300 percent, then offer public pre-K to those families at the state's median income and finally to provide full access to all families.

Read the entire opinion piece in The Baltimore Sun here.


Listen to the testimony offered by BCF at legislative hearings on pre-K expansion

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