Building emotional connections: Philanthropy and its role in families

October 29, 2019

Attorneys, financial planners, and accountants frequently observe that their clients who participate in philanthropic endeavors seem happier and more connected to their fellow family members. This phenomenon is more than just an observation. 

Several studies over the years have shown that engaging in “prosocial behavior” helps build strong relationships. According to a study in Mindfulness, for example, 85% of people help someone else once a week, which fosters overall mental health and positive interpersonal connections. As you work with your clients and their families across generations, keep in mind the power of philanthropy to keep families connected.  


BCF’s experience working with families across generations can help you build a legacy of giving for your clients. We offer a full range of philanthropic services for families. Or, consider working with a client and the community foundation to set up a fund to support a specific cause that the whole family loves. Want more info? Contact Rosemary Calderalo today.  



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