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August 21, 2019

Since its launch in May 2018, BCF’s Invest for More program has focused on investing in local businesses, organizations, and projects that will bring measurable social impact to Baltimore neighborhoods, and provide a financial return within BCF’s investment pool. One year later, the program has committed or invested over $3.5 million toward that goal. 

During the launch in 2018, Patti Baum, Invest for More subcommittee chair, promised that $4 million of BCF’s investable assets would go toward the program. With the approval of additional investments during the BCF Investment Committee’s recent spring meeting, BCF is getting closer to that target. 

“Our Impact Investing Subcommittee, along with the Investment Committee, continue to work with the BCF Community Investment team to find lending opportunities in Baltimore,” says Baum. “We are building a portfolio of loans targeting under-served neighborhoods, with the purpose of aligning our investments with the BCF vision: A growing local economy where all have the opportunity to thrive.” 

To date, BCF has made the following investments, or has committed funds awaiting deployment: 

  • Enterprise Community Loan Fund ($500,000 deployed and retired): Funds were invested in affordable rental housing in Baltimore City. The notes were called early due to capital restructuring. 
  • Healthy Neighborhoods Inc. ($500,000 committed): Funds will be used as a bridge loan for community enhancement projects funded by state and local grants that are disbursed upon completion of the work. 
  • Baltimore Business Lending ($500,000 committed and $250,000 deployed): Funds are used for loans to small business owners in Baltimore who are credit-worthy but lack equity or collateral, in $10,000-$150,000 increments. 
  • RBC Access Capital ($1 million deployed): RBC Access Capital invests in affordable housing and community development serving low- and moderate-income individuals and communities in Baltimore. 
  • The Reinvestment Fund ($500,000 deployed): TRF invests in a wide variety of sectors including education, commercial enterprises, food commerce, health care, housing, and facilities. 
  • AHC Inc. ($1 million committed): Funds will be invested in the predevelopment, site acquisition, and construction expenses associated with building and renovating affordable housing projects.


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