Statement from Shanaysha Sauls, BCF President & CEO, on President Trump’s Tweets about Baltimore

July 30, 2019

Baltimore (July 29, 2019) – Today, Shanaysha Sauls, BCF President & CEO, released the following statement on President Trump’s Tweets about Baltimore:

“The last time I checked, the president is supposed to be a leader who brings the country together and represents the interests of all Americans.

“This past weekend, President Trump expressed an utter lack of respect for Baltimore and its residents, both past and present. His comments demonstrate that he does not wish to represent the interests of every American. Instead, he prefers to insult Baltimoreans (among others) to gain political points. 

“Baltimore is the quintessential American city. It is the city where the national anthem was written. Its history, streets, and shores summon new Americans from Eastern and Southern Europe, Central and Western Europe, East Asia, the Mediterranean, East and West Africa, and Central and South America. The language and culture of Baltimore reflects these places and more—from Appalachia, to the first Catholic settlers, to free and enslaved Blacks, to a storied Jewish community. It is all here. Baltimore is America at her best and at her most challenged. It is a city of industry, technology, and world-class educational and medical institutions. The wealth, talent, and intellectual capital in the Baltimore region are all too important to underestimate or belittle. 

“Baltimore is a resilient city. We will outlast any war of adjectives. In this fight, we are an eagle in the midst of a chicken. 

“Donald Trump is president, but that title does not make him a leader. A Twitter account does not make him right. He is unpatriotic and unworthy. And he owes us all an apology. It is time we all demand it. 


The Baltimore Community Foundation is a private philanthropic organization created by Baltimoreans to serve the current and future needs of the Baltimore region. Representing the common interests of a diverse pool of donors who care about Baltimore, BCF uses grants, initiatives and advocacy to address issues facing the region today, while building a civic endowment to address the needs of future generations. BCF also offers donors customized support for their individual philanthropic goals, expert assistance in learning more about the causes they care about, and the opportunity to join others with similar interests to learn and give together.


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