Networking for a cause

February 26, 2019

Constance Craig-Mason


Constance Craig-Mason, an agent with the Baltimore-based Transamerica, believes in the power of networking. Recently, her networking introduced her to the benefits of working with BCF -- and she plans to continue to pass that knowledge along to her clients and colleagues. 

How did she learn about BCF? During a recent networking event she met Ricky Adams, an attorney with Rosenberg Martin Greenberg. During their conversation, he explained some of the benefits of working with BCF, including the expertise and advice its staff can offer donors.  

The conversation led to a meeting with Rosemary Calderalo, who gave Craig-Mason an idea. Connie had been working with her friend Shay Sharpe on Shay Sharpe’s Pink Wishes, a non-profit that provides women with terminal cancer the opportunity to fulfill a final wish. They were interested in creating a permanent source of income for their work. Calderalo worked with them to create an endowment. 

An organizational endowment at BCF is a solution for non-profits who would like to build long term, permanent funding sources but may lack the infrastructure to create such a fund on their own. Organizational endowments are invested with BCF's pool of assets that is directed by our committee of experienced investment experts.  

“I did not know anything about BCF, but Ricky connected me and then Rosemary told me more about the many services they offer,” she says. “This was a perfect fit for our organization.” 

The experience illustrated BCF’s philanthropic advising expertise to Craig-Mason, who works with clients in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Going forward, Craig-Mason says she will mention BCF when one of her clients expresses an interest in philanthropy. “I have so many clients who want to make a difference, but they might not know all the ways that they can help,” she says. “BCF helps connect organizations to donors who want to link up with the mission. They can sit down with BCF and they can help match people up with those organizations.”

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