BCF announces new grants for Kirwan research

September 17, 2018

BCF’s Advocacy Committee has selected two organizations – Education Trust and the Maryland Center on Economic Policy – to conduct research related to the recommendations of the Maryland Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education.

Formed in 2016, the Commission (commonly called the “Kirwan Commission” after its chair, Dr. William Kirwan) is charged with recommending policies that will improve the quality of education in Maryland’s public schools, and to ensure that schools are adequately funded.  The commission has delivered a preliminary report to Maryland’s General Assembly, and more concrete recommendations are expected to be released soon. 

Grantmaking in support of fiscal and policy research will inform BCF’s Kirwan advocacy strategy, provide partners with vital information that they can use when advocating to the Maryland General Assembly and the media.

BCF’s advocacy role in Kirwan includes other objectives, including:

  • Elevate the conversation around race equity;
  • Grantmaking in support of advocacy organizations aligned with our efforts;
  • Advocating for policy priorities and funding formulas that lead to improved educational and career outcomes for Baltimore’s young people;
  • Networking with BCF stakeholders, including the business community, board members and donors, to ensure their perspectives are heard; ans
  • Coordinating with key stakeholders, particularly Baltimore City Public Schools.

Education Trust is a nonprofit organization that promotes closing opportunity gaps by expanding excellence and equity in education for students of color and those from low-income families from Pre-K through college.  Working with BCF, the Trust will analyze local, state and national data and use what is learned to help build broader understanding of achievement and opportunity gaps and the actions necessary to close them. 

Maryland Center on Economic Policy (MCEP) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to ideas that work for everyone and a public climate where they can prevail. The Center advances innovative policy ideas to foster broad prosperity and help Maryland be the standard-bearer for responsible public policy, including extensive work on school financing.

We will keep you updated on BCF’s advocacy work on the Kirwan Commission as it develops.

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