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July 24, 2018

Amy Perez Jackson is the director of marketing and client service at Brown Capital Management and is a member of BCF's Impact Investing Subcommittee. 

As a 20-year member of the investment community, I have heard of countless ways to invest, vehicles to invest in, and tons of ideas how to preserve and grow wealth. However, for all my time in the industry, I was not familiar with the idea of Impact Investing until I was approached to join the Sub-Committee for Impact Investing at BCF. Upon reviewing the concept, I truly was intrigued at the uniqueness of this opportunity. We are looking for investments that have both social and economic impact, investments that can change, help, and improve Baltimore communities, while at the same time, provide some type of return on capital. 

This type of investing comes with huge responsibilities and the challenge of finding the right investment vehicles to influence our communities positively. This type of investing is essential: When you can be targeted in how you can impact communities, over the long run these investments can truly effect change.

BCF’s entry into the impact investing arena makes the Community Foundation even more attractive as an option for professional advisors’ charitably-minded clients. I am excited not only by the prospect of effecting real change in Baltimore through these investments, but also by the potential to change the way people think about how they invest their assets. 

My fellow committee members are extremely smart, talented people and they bring to the table knowledge on a vast number of subjects along with a multitude of backgrounds and experiences. Their understanding of the world of foundations and endowments is beyond impressive and has been very helpful to me as I am new to this world. My sub-committee team members’ collective knowledge becomes invaluable when evaluating and vetting potential investments. The open forum in which we use to discuss, question, and debate our investment choices displays our confidence in each other and the intentionality of our process. We realize that our recommendations to the Investment Committee have the ability to change lives, and with that in mind, we are committed to investing in the opportunities that reflect the goals of BCF. 

I am honored and excited to be a part of something that can make a profound and immediate IMPACT on the community in Baltimore. The innovative thinking that has led BCF to impact investing is a perfect example of BCF’s lasting commitment to the city of Baltimore and their intentionality to making a more targeted Impact in the community while at the same time providing a fiscally responsible return on capital.

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