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Tom Wilcox Letter to Future Baltimore

December 13, 2017

To: The Future Baltimore

c/o Baltimore Community Foundation


Dear BCF,

Thank you for establishing the tradition of having donors write letters to the future, sharing their philanthropic dreams for funds they established with family members and future BCF professionals. I, like others, have found this a rewarding experience, and I am moved by the notion that future generations will reflect on the best way to implement my values, responding boldly to the needs of the day.  

BCF is nothing more than its donors, living and gone. Those donors need professional and fully-informed representatives—the professional staff of the community foundation. My wife Whitty and I established the Wilcox-Ransome Endowment for Civic Leadership to support those representatives in perpetuity. In doing so, we join the ranks of all those who give to BCF’s Civic Leadership Fund annually, and who have like us created permanent funds to endow their gifts.  

Over my 17-year tenure at BCF, I came to realize that my dreams for Baltimore depend upon  the ability of the BCF professional staff to bring together a uniquely diverse set of stakeholders - donors, nonprofits, public officials, community organizers and advocates, business leaders, neighborhood leaders, school principals and young and older people to develop coordinated efforts to strengthen Baltimore and its people. 

BCF is a powerful force for Baltimore—and for Baltimore’s future. I am deeply gratified to think that our Wilcox-Ransome Endowment for Civic Leadership will forever play a role in ensuring that with the board the future staff of BCF can coordinate strategic grantmaking, focused initiatives, visionary public advocacy and impact investing to give our children and our children’s children the future they and Baltimore deserve.


Thomas E Wilcox
President and CEO 2000 – 2017

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