Stock tip: There has never been a better time for your clients to give appreciated securities through BCF

October 24, 2017

With stock market indices reaching new highs, this is a great time to make a charitable gift of appreciated securities. When giving securities through a community foundation like BCF, you and your client benefit.  

Your clients probably support more than one charitable organization. When giving stock, splitting gifts among multiple charities can create many transactions and headaches. It can cause headaches when your client wants to split a gift of stock among multiple charities. But that same gift of stock to a donor-advised fund at BCF can yield the same tax benefits and eliminate the chore of dividing the stock gift. BCF will liquidate the stock and your client can then recommend how the proceeds are to be distributed to any number of charities.

And of course your client gains the two major tax benefits of donating appreciated securities: the benefit from the charitable tax deduction, and they can avoid capital gains tax on long-term held stocks. The full fair market value of the stock goes into the donor-advised fund and then to the charities your client names. 

So your client is happy. And you are headache-free. 

Want to know more about giving stock? BCF's How-tos of Giving page lists the nuts and bolts of initiating a gift of appreciated securities. Have more questions? Contact today. 

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