Shaping the future of Baltimore

September 13, 2017

“BCF is increasingly examining things through a lens of racial and social equity, and input from various sectors of the community is important,” observes Stuart O. Simms, a partner in the Brown, Goldstein & Levy law firm and a BCF board member who leads the Committee on Trusteeship and Governance. His perspective is enhanced by previously holding office as State’s Attorney for Baltimore City, among other governmental positions.

He describes the work of his committee and the board as a partnership. “I was privileged to have followed a very strategic board member, Juliet Eurich,” he says. “We work with committee members and officers of the organization to find board members who are enthusiastic about Baltimore and investing in causes that support the city.”

Tapping new members for the BCF board will inevitably shape the future of the organization. “As BCF moves forward,” Stu says, “the board will become increasingly diverse, representing, as it should, a broader spectrum of Baltimore in terms of gender, race, age, and background, including everything from professional employment to local interests.”

Stu and his wife Candace have long supported BCF’s Civic Leadership Fund, which, he says, strives to make Baltimore a “competitive, first-class community.” For more than 30 years, the couple and their family have also volunteered time and provided financial support for several organizations that serve youth.

“I would hope,” Stu says, “that the board of the future will continue to heighten focus, broaden input, and increase its effectiveness to serve all of Baltimore.”

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