The Len Jackson Fund for GLBTQ Youth

June 01, 2017

Throughout his life, Len Jackson fought for the safety, health and happiness of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBTQ) youth, particularly in Baltimore. 

When he died from AIDS in 1996, Len’s friends and family established the Len Jackson Fund for GLBTQ youth memorializing his life and continuing his commitment to GLBTQ youth.

Even in an era of improving legal rights for GLBTQ people, GLBTQ youth face higher rates of bullying in school, physical violence and poor mental health than their straight and non-transgendered peers. They are also more likely to be rejected by their families, to experience homelessness and are less likely to find havens of support in their communities.

How can we combat the hostility many GLBTQ youth encounter from their families, classmates and communities?
We can establish:

  • Emergency and long-term housing and counseling services for youth who are homeless because they have been rejected by their families
  • Anti-bullying programs to lessen harassment at schools
  • AIDS prevention education to emphasize that infection risks still exist
  • Social opportunities to meet other young people in safe, comfortable 

The Len Jackson Fund is the first fund at BCF to address the unique challenges of the GLBTQ community.
It’s funding the framework for safer, healthier GLBTQ youth. 

  • It was the first donor to support the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) anti-bullying training program for Baltimore middle school teachers. 
  • It funded a coalition of educators, health care providers and community organizers to create a youth center serving GLBTQ people.

If you, like Len Jackson, care about the safety, health and happiness of GLBTQ youth, contribute to the Len Jackson Fund for GLBTQ Youth. 

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