BCF stands with our foreign-born neighbors

February 17, 2017

The Baltimore Community Foundation supports and stands in solidarity with our foreign-born neighbors, and the organizations which fight to protect their rights. U.S. immigration laws are extremely complex, often oversimplified in news coverage and not well understood by many beyond those who specialize in this area. While we at BCF believe deeply in the rule of law, we also are dedicated to our country’s guarantees of due process and a presumption of innocence.

At BCF, we believe that our city and the region are made stronger by a diversity of culture and ideas. Every day, we work toward our vision of a Baltimore which boasts a growing economy where all have the opportunity to thrive. Our work to build strong neighborhoods and strong schools extends to every resident.

Foreign-born residents make overwhelmingly positive contributions to our neighborhoods and have throughout our region's history. They are an increasingly vital part of Baltimore's economy and civic life, especially in BCF's target neighborhood of Greater Highlandtown. We are deeply concerned about the abrupt removal of law-abiding community members who contribute to the social fabric.

As the national situation develops, BCF continues to review ways in which it can respond to the needs of foreign-born residents and refugees.

If you share our concern, please consider donating to the following local organizations - both longstanding BCF grantees - that are among those leading this work in the Baltimore region.

Join us in standing with Baltimore's foreign-born residents during this difficult time.

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