Strategic Planning Update

February 08, 2017

Thank you to all of our friends, colleagues and supporters who participated in focus group interviews to inform our strategic planning process.

We hosted 95 participants in 14 focus groups over 2 days and a total of 21 hours all to provide insight on how BCF might serve Baltimore in the future. As a result of interviews with board and staff and the focus groups, we have identified three areas of focus for the next phase of strategic planning:

  1. Internal Operations - This will focus on internal engagement and management strategies to increase community impact and improve internal operations. 
  2. Community Engagement and External Affairs - This will focus on external engagement and management strategies to benefit community impact. It will create goals and strategies to better engage the community in a long-term and sustainable way to understand more deeply the needs of the community; better engage donors in the work identified to address these community needs; and continue to understand and integrate the desire of donors into BCF's work. 
  3. Programmatic Opportunities – This area will determine what programmatic efforts BCF should undertake to best meet the needs of Baltimore. It will explore the questions: How can BCF better align its work with Baltimore's needs? How can BCF make a significant impact in Baltimore?

What’s next?

The Board of Trustees and staff of BCF will work over the next two months on building a set of goals and metrics in each area to define our strategic direction for the coming years.

We appreciate your dedication to making BCF a strong and valued partner for Baltimore and welcome your continued support of our efforts.

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