Creating a New Narrative

November 21, 2016

“We all need to be coauthors of the new Baltimore story,” says Wes Moore, BCF trustee and founder of BridgeEdU, which supports students entering college. “Baltimore is still very much under construction.” 

The author of New York Times best seller The Other Wes Moore and his wife, Dawn Flythe Moore, are eager to contribute to that work and they contribute regularly to the Civic Leadership Fund. “BCF plays a strong leadership role in the city and takes seriously the work that needs to be done around race, equity, and inclusion,” Wes says. “After the events of last year, BCF spearheaded the Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore, which was so important.”

Dawn, a New York native, has embraced Baltimore as her home and has persuaded other families to move here and become involved. She thinks education, in particular, has the potential to improve the future. “It’s in everyone’s best interest to give all children opportunities,” she says. “There are so many factors that play into the trajectory of a child’s life, and education is key. BCF’s investment in early childhood education is extraordinarily important and work we truly believe in.” 

“People want to know what works,” Wes adds. “There is quantifiable evidence, for example, that children who attend Judy Centers are better prepared for long-term academic success. People also want to know how they can help. I’m not sure if there’s a better vehicle than BCF to get both a broad perspective of what’s happening in Baltimore and also an understanding of what is needed in direct services and direct action. BCF has a dual focus and a powerful impact.”


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