Better than a party

November 21, 2016

“In 2012, our law firm, Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, was preparing to celebrate our 25th anniversary,” recalls co-founding partner Ben Rosenberg. “We thought about having a big party but realized that an expensive bash would be a one-time event that would accomplish nothing. So instead, we decided to do something worthwhile, make a contribution to an organization in the community where it would have an impact.”

After meeting with BCF leaders, Ben and co-founder Barry Greenberg and other firm partners created the Rosenberg Martin Greenberg LLP Continuing Fund to support organizations committed to education reform in Baltimore City. The permanent charitable endowment will continue to grow and distribute grants for generations to come.

“Each year, BCF proposes several organizations whose work is closest to our goals and are worthy of our consideration,” Ben says. “We choose two for grants, and the administration and paperwork are handled by BCF. We’ve been extremely pleased with the assistance BCF has provided.”

One recent grant went to New Leaders to identify and train qualified candidates to serve as school principals.

“There is no better investment in the future of this community than improving school leadership,” Barry remarks. “If you have a good principal, you have a good school.”

Another grant went to Playworks, which provides supervised recess for children. After observing the program at Thomas Jefferson Elementary, Ben says, “Vigorous play activities were structured by a wonderful young woman, and the children returned to their classrooms ready to focus. We’ve learned that if you give money in a meaningful way, you can really make a difference.”
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