Building to last: Creating a philanthropic legacy for Baltimore

November 07, 2016

“To be an architect, you have to be an optimist with faith in the future,” says Steve Ziger, who cofounded the architectural firm Ziger/Snead with Jamie Snead. “We design for the long term. Our projects have a life of their own that will survive beyond us and contribute to the city we love.”

In that spirit, the two architects turned to BCF to create a philanthropic legacy that will also contribute long term to Baltimore. In addition to their BCF donor-advised fund and a gift to the Campaign for BCF and Baltimore, they established an unrestricted legacy endowment.

“Our involvement with BCF has convinced us of the strength of the organization and its dedication to respond to the needs of Baltimore, which will change over time,” Jamie says. “The best way to support those changing needs is through unrestricted endowment gifts. With the expertise of BCF, the resources will be invested wisely and leveraged to greatest effect.”

They cite BCF’s diverse leadership and its welcoming approach to a broad spectrum of donors as part of its organizational appeal. “BCF is welcoming to everybody,” Jamie says. “You don’t need to have enormously deep pockets to get involved there.”

Steve is a BCF trustee and co-chair of the Strategic Planning Task Force, whose members are charged with peering into the future. “BCF has a thumb on the pulse of the city, understands where the needs are, and should have the flexibility to address them,” he says. “Our investment in BCF will sustain our commitment to the city after we’re gone.”

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