Judy Centers Receive $95,000 in grants for special projects through special Under Armour and Fight For Children grant program

June 06, 2016

The Baltimore Community Foundation, in partnership with Under Armour and Fight for Children, has awarded $95,000 to Judy Centers in Baltimore City to projects that will have tangible impacts on Judy Centers’ core mission: to provide services to children and families to get kids ready for school. 

Projects that received grants focused on areas from expanding reading services to getting children to school to summer programming. 

Projects include: 

Liberty/Arlington Judy Centers : Developing Social and Emotional Skills 

The Liberty and Arlington Judy Centers jointly received $29,408 to provide social, emotional and mental health support for children served by the Judy Centers at both schools. The grant will fund a licensed clinical social worker to work 21 hours per week at both Judy Centers as a mental health consultant. They will work directly with students and provide coaching for the pre-k teachers. The program will help students develop the skills necessary to function effectively in a classroom. It will also provide parents and teachers with training to help children achieve this goal. 

The Literacy Lab at The Commodore John Rodgers School

The Commodore John Rodgers School Judy Center has received $16,500 for a Literacy Lab tutor. A full-time, early literacy tutor will work in both the school’s pre-k classes to provide children with daily, evidence-based early literacy instruction. The tutor will provide a variety of tutoring offerings, including whole group, small group, and one-on-one settings. The tutor will follow The Reading Corps pre-K model, which focuses on phonemic awareness, alphabetic principles, accuracy and fluency with text, vocabulary and comprehension. 

The Literacy Lab Expansion at John Ruhrah Elementary

The John Ruhrah Elementary School Judy Center has received $16,500 to expand its existing Literacy Lab with a additional tutor. During the 2015-16 school year, John Ruhrah had Literacy Lab tutors in two of its three pre-K classrooms. By adding a third Literacy Lab tutor to the program, all children attending pre-K at John Ruhrah will have the  opportunity to work with a Literacy Lab tutor.

Moravia Judy Center Summer Program

The Moravia Park Elementary School’s Judy Center received $14,630 for a summer camp in 2017 as a transition for incoming pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children. It will also provide additional kindergarten readiness training for new kindergarten students who have not attended pre-k, and exiting pre-kindergarten students who are at risk for educational struggles. The camp will focus on activities to enhance pre-academic, social, emotional, creative and cultural skills.

Moravia Judy Center Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Intervention Project

The Moravia Park Elementary School Judy Center also received $13,000 for The Judy Center Intervention Project. The goal of the project is to provide academic intervention to struggling pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students.  Children will work in small groups with an early childhood interventionist on specific skills including recognition of name, color and symbol recognition, identifying letters, letter sounds, sight words and blending sounds to make words.

Walking School Bus Attendance Project

The Commodore John Rodgers Judy Center received $5,000 to expand its Walking School Bus program for pre-kindergarten students. The concept places a school staff member or adult volunteer as a “line leader” for each “bus.” At an assigned time, the bus line arrives at the homes of students and picks them up, moving on to the next home and adding to the line. The program helps students and their parents develop a good habit of attendance from an early age, making them more ready for school and better able to learn. 

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