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September 16, 2014

Theo Rodgers, president of A&R Development Company, has a long history of involvement with BCF. “It’s a great organization with great people,” he says. “I enjoyed my time on the board and am now an honorary trustee and board member of the Healthy Neighborhoods initiative. BCF goes beyond charity to civic leadership in education, transportation, and housing.”

His long association with BCF generated confidence, and he opened the donor-advised Rodgers Family Fund. He also persuaded Gertrude Adams Venable, the daughter of his late partner, William Adams, to establish a donor-advised BCF fund. Her fund will eventually become an education endowment for inner-city youth, a focus of his own charitable efforts.

“I’ve found that the more support you give kids at a young age, the better chance they have of succeeding,” he says. “Most of my family’s charitable activities are geared to education. Inner-city kids need social capital as well as intellectual capital, so we also provide exposure to people, places and experiences they otherwise would not have.”

He encourages others to open BCF funds, citing multiple advantages. “Working with BCF is convenient and also very tax efficient,” he says. “A donation can be made to BCF and a tax deduction taken at the end of that year, but donations can be made later to the charity of your choice. An added benefit is that you can go online and, with a couple of clicks, make a charitable contribution—no check writing, no record keeping.”

At BCF, we have lots of options for your giving, and we can help you create a plan that fits your unique situation. Click here to explore the possibilities.



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