Residents Rally around Library Square

September 16, 2014

At the intersection of Fayette St. and Pulaski Highway, in front of the Enoch Pratt Library (Patterson Park Branch) sits a four-block strip of green space, known in the neighborhood as Library Square. On the two streets bordering the park (Fayette and Pulaski), there is lots of traffic and the facades of some of the businesses are dated, but there are also others that are new.  At first glance you will see a few colorful wooden chairs situated around two trees. If you look up, there are strings of light bulbs between several trees, and if you slow down, you might glimpse the painted posts on either side of the park.

For those who don’t live in the area, the question might be, what else can be done in this green oasis in a very residential neighborhood?  The answer is, there is life, energy and people who love the Square who have developed a plan for future improvements.  The plan called the Library Square Master Plan is being coordinated by the Friends of Library Square in partnership with Banner Neighborhoods, a non-profit who have a 25-year history of programming in this community, and funding has already been secured from a variety of stakeholders including the Baltimore Community Foundation.  

Some of the upcoming improvements will include:

  • Additional crosswalks to make it safer for residents to get to the square
  • Fencing for the square – either grass or more traditional fencing which will help protect park goers from the busy streets on either side
  • Bump outs in the streets adjacent to the square that will encourage drivers to slow down
  • An outdoor stage and seating for performances in the square
  • The Patterson Park Audubon Center plans to develop a natural habitat within the square – inviting birds and residents alike

Yes, change is happening. It’s started with cleaning of the park, the colorfully painted wooden chairs circling two trees, the string of lights that light up the park at night, the painted posts and many events for residents. And this is just the beginning of what’s yet to come.

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