Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore 5/1/15 UPDATE

May 01, 2015

People across Baltimore and across the U.S. care deeply about this city. That's what we have learned this week from the amazing, generous, broad, heartfelt response to The Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore. 

We commit to keeping you up to date on the outpouring of donations to the The Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore, and on our plans for distributing grant funding that will help repair the immediate physical and emotional damage that has been done, and that will help us strengthen our community for the future. 

Support for Rebuilding Baltimore

To date we have received 226 gifts and pledges totaling $204,589, including $50,000 from CVS Health, $50,000 from CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, $50,000 from JPMorgan Chase and $5,000 from CyberPoint International. 

A number of small businesses and individuals are planning to raise funds to donate to The Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore, including: 

  • Metro Gallery - hosting the Be More Benefit: A night of music and art to aid the rebuilding of our city, on May 20, with proceeds to be donated to the Fund. 
  • Joe Squared - will be offering a specialty pizza with 10% of proceeds on that pizza going to the Fund. (We can't wait to hear what's on that pizza.)
  • Thanks to Courtney Glancy, BaltiMORE tee shirts available from Teespring - all the net proceeds from sales will be donated to the Fund. 129 tee shirts sold so far!

Many of the individual gifts have come with comments - here are a few:

  • In honor of Freddie Gray and the black community of Baltimore. No one deserves to spend their life in fear.
  • In memory of Freddie Gray. May the good people of Baltimore have peace.
  • In honor of the Proud Citizens of Baltimore. Your neighbors in the state but outside the city are mourning your losses in life, in infrastructure, in faith. I have hope that you will rebuild and come back stronger than ever. You are beloved.
  • For healing and rebuilding.

THANK YOU to ALL who have contributed!

Assessing Needs

Since opening the Fund on April 28, we have been talking to community organizations, nonprofit partners, foundation peers, and public agencies to assess both the immediate needs in the community and the best way to deploy grants from the Fund for long-term benefit. 

Our Board of Trustees has approved the following priorities for grants from The Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore: 

Immediate needs of individuals, communities, and businesses negatively affected by recent Baltimore unrest, e.g.:

  • Repairing businesses damaged this week as a result of the unrest; 
  • Repairing/cleaning up neighborhoods damaged this week as a result of the unrest; 
  • Providing immediate human services to people in need as a result of the unrest.

Long term needs of communities disproportionately negatively affected by structural racism and systemic inequities, e.g.:

  • Supporting traditional nonprofit organizations that focus on creating economic opportunities for young people (broadly defined), particularly people of color;
  • Supporting traditional and grassroots nonprofits that provide disproportionately affected residents with legal education and advocacy (e.g. "know your rights" training, civil legal services);
  • Supporting grassroots and community-led efforts to provide education, training, peer-to-peer support, and advocacy among people of color and low-income communities to address systemic issues of structural racism, education policy, and economic disparity.

Make a gift to the Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore.


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