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Through advocacy, we can accomplish more than through grants alone. At BCF, we define “advocacy” broadly, including not only lobbying for or against specific legislation or budget measures, but also building productive relationships with elected and appointed officials, convening stakeholders around a common purpose, leveraging our grants to secure public and private investments and informing and mobilizing our donors and other friends on issues of importance.

We advocate on issues that are aligned with our priorities in education and neighborhoods, and where BCF’s voice can make a difference.

Advocacy Agenda

We advocate on issues that are aligned with our priorities in education and neighborhoods, and where BCF’s voice can make a difference.

Racial equity in school funding

BCF is undertaking a campaign that uses race equity as a framework for advocating for adequate funding and innovation for Maryland public schools. Throughout 2018 and beyond, BCF will use grantmaking, strategic communications, research, coalition-building, and lobbying to recommend policy solutions that promote opportunity, equity, and justice. We will work in close partnership with policymakers and with other advocates, both locally and throughout the state.

In 2016, the Maryland General Assembly formed the Commission on Innovation & Excellence in Education (the “Kirwan Commission”). Its charge is to recommend policies to improve the quality of education in Maryland’s public schools, and to ensure that schools are adequately funded. The Commission's draft report has been released, but final recommendations are expected sometime in 2019.


BCF is funding research on best practices in public education policy, including a close look at the impact of the Commission’s proposals on race equity and students living in high concentrations of poverty. We are also funding a comprehensive examination of possible funding scenarios that would adequately support the Commission’s recommendations.

BCF will use this research to inform our strategy moving forward as well as how we communicate with members of the state legislature and city officials. This research will be available to advocacy organizations aligned with our efforts.

Read our research on education policy best practices here.


BCF is engaging those who care deeply about the education of our public-school students. We have launched a website where interested parties can view BCF research reports, related news coverage, the status of legislation and more. 

Visit our Kirwan website today. 

Take Action

Watch this space for items you can take action on this year. We'll be focusing on education in Annapolis and Baltimore.

We support our public policy work through gifts to BCF's Civic Leadership Fund. 


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