Making a Difference in Baltimore

BCF is making a difference in Baltimore every day, working toward our vision: Baltimore boasts a growing economy where all have the opportunity to thrive. Our work as an advocate, fostering new ideas through program initiatives, and investing strategically in education and neighborhoods is all made possible by our Civic Leadership Fund. 

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Our focus: neighborhoods and education

BCF has an agenda for Baltimore, focused on investments in neighborhoods and education, because Baltimore can't thrive without strong neighborhoods, and our future depends on the young people in today's classrooms.

Our tools: grants, initiatives and advocacy

Making grants to effective nonprofit organizations is one way BCF is helping to build a better Baltimore. But our intellectual capital and our influence are powerful tools as well. When it makes sense to do so, we create and operate special program initiatives to fill a gap or try out a new idea. And we recognize that to effect real change, we must operate at the systems level, advocating for public policies that can frame a better future for all of us.

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