Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, LLP Continuing Fund


The Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, LLP Continuing Fund was established in celebration of the Baltimore law firm's 25th anniversary and will support programs, initiatives and organizations in the field of education in Baltimore City. 


Organizations serving the Baltimore area that qualify as public charities under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, national origin, color, physical handicap, gender or sexual orientation. 

Typical Grants

Two grants of $12,500 are typically awarded each year. 

2015 Grants
BCF Fund for Education: $12,500

Playworks: $12,500


The RMG Continuing Fund supports organizations of any budget size, though organizations with budgets of $750,000 or less are strongly encouraged to apply. These organizations must be focused on addressing systemic change in Baltimore City public schools.  By systemic change, we mean organizations that work to change the educational landscape from the “inside out”.  Efforts/Programs that demonstrate the ability to influence practices, policies, or structures in the broader school system. Examples include programs that address school leadership, chronic absenteeism, bullying, including children with special needs in the general education learning environment with their peers, healthy food access, and closing the learning gap for children of all ages and races.
The RMG Continuing Fund does not make grants for:

  • Capital campaigns, building construction, renovations or other capital projects
  • Individuals
  • Multiple years
  • Institutions of higher education
  • Organizations outside the Baltimore region

How to apply

NEW Applicants: Visit the grant portal, create your account and follow the instructions to submit a new application.
EXISTING Applicants: Visit the portal for existing applicants and log in to review your application.


We are not accepting applications at this time.

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