Neighborhood Grants Program

BCF aims to help neighborhoods become and remain safe, vibrant, clean and green, and to be supporters and champions of their local schools. Our Neighborhood Grants Program (NGP) offers different types of small grants to organizations pursuing these objectives.

  • Mobilization Grants are for projects that will get more neighbors involved in the community. 

To find out more about BCF’s interest in and support for Baltimore neighborhoods, visit our Neighborhoods page or take a look at a complete list of all recent neighborhoods grants.


Eligibility varies by grant type. Generally, funding is for resident-led projects and community-based organizations that include resident leadership and that address a community need. Groups in Baltimore City and Baltimore County may apply. Applicants for Leadership Grants must have 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. 

Typical Grants

Mobilization: $1,000 - $5,000


All applications must show a connection to one or more of BCF’s objectives of helping neighborhoods become safe, vibrant, clean and green and to be supporters and champions of their local schools.

Mobilization Grants: For projects that get more neighbors involved. Organization must have one of the following: a) 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, b) a nonprofit fiscal agent, or c) a group bank account. Maximum grant is $5,000. Examples of suitable projects include: Neighborhood clean-up/greening, community gardens and festivals.

How to apply

Download the Neighborhood Grants Program Mobilization Grants Application

Please read the information above to determine which type of grant is the best fit for your funding request, then download the appropriate application. Applications are in Word document format.

We prefer you email a complete copy of your application, including all attachments, to: 

Or, you may mail it to: 

Attn: Neighborhood Grants Program
Baltimore Community Foundation
2 East Read St., 9th Floor
Baltimore, 21202


Please check back soon for updated grant deadlines. 

Special notes

Successful applications will:

  • Be complete, and follow application guidelines
  • Demonstrate resident participation
  • Show careful planning and appropriate budget allocations
  • Reflect the neighborhood’s ability to implement the proposed project

Priority will be given to projects that accomplish one or more of the following: Make your neighborhood safe, vibrant, clean or green;

  • Support successful students and schools;
  • Include diverse perspectives and participation by residents of all ages;
  • Increase participation by residents, organizations and businesses in neighborhood activities and community associations;
  • Increase residents’ confidence to do other projects;
  • Build partnerships with residents, community based organizations, schools, religious institutions, local merchants or others.

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