Grants and Scholarships

We award grants to nonprofit organizations and scholarships to students from the hundreds of charitable funds that make up the Baltimore Community Foundation. Generous donors have established or contributed to funds at BCF to make these grants and scholarships possible.

Many of the grants distributed by BCF each year comes from donor-advised funds at the recommendation of the fund advisor. Most donor-advised funds are not open to requests for funding. BCF also distributes grants from funds that are restricted for specific purposes and general causes, including funds established to benefit public agencies.  

See our Grants page for a list of all grant programs that are open for applications.

Find out how to apply for a scholarship or see a list of 2016 scholarships.


How Judy Centers make multigenerational impact in Baltimore

It’s a Tuesday morning in the gymnasium of Dorothy I. Height Elementary School—a sleek, brick and siding building now in its second year of use—and My Gym is in full swing.


Parsing School Effectiveness and Leadership

We want every student in Baltimore to have the opportunity to attend a school that operates at the highest level, delivering the best possible education, led by a strong and effective leader. Defining what that actually means, and how to get there, is the challenge.


Neighbors united to create this mural in diverse O'Donnell Heights

As cars approach the O'Donnell Heights Community Center on Gusryan Street on the edge of southeast Baltimore City, they are greeted with a colorful new mural, featuring a heart-shaped globe being held up by many hands. 

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