Legacy Society

The Baltimore Community Foundation's Legacy Society honors those who have generously provided for gifts to and through BCF in their estate plans.

If you have included BCF in your plans, please contact us so that we may recognize you as a member of the Legacy Society.

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Allan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Atkins
Mr. Alexander C. Baer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Bair
Ray & Day Bank
Mr. Stephen A. Bank
Mrs. Carlyle Barton Jr.
Batza Family Foundation
Dr. Emile A. Bendit
Ms. Breezy Jude Bishop
Ms. Nancy Patz Blaustein
Mrs. Catherine S. Boyan
Eddie C. and C. Sylvia Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bryant III
Ms. Deborah Winston Callard
Ms. Constance R. Caplan
Mr. G. Cheston Carey III
Ms. Saralynn T. Clark
Suzanne F. Cohen
Laurie and Bill Crosley
Mrs. Ruth E. Culbertson
Mr. John A. Daskalakis
Alvin and Hilda Fisher
Ms. Susan Sachs Fleishman
Fund for Change
Ms. Carol Gilbert
Tom and Jeanne Gildee
Ms. Eliot Girsang and Mr. Richard Wilson
Ms. Susan K. Goering
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Goldseker
Mr. Andrew C. Goresh
Ms. Emily R. Greenberg
Mr. Robert E. Greenfield
Ms. Susan Hartt
Sandra and Thomas Hess
Mr. Chester H. Hobbs and Ms. Katrina M. Read
Ms. Susan J. Horne
Mrs. Richard E. Hug

Marsha S. Jackson and John B. Dockstader
Mr. Kurt Jakobson
Ms. Martha K. Johnston and Mr. Raymond E. Suarez
Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Johnston
Ann H. Kahan
Ms. Susan B. Katzenberg
Mrs. John G. Kovach
Ms. Mary Ann Lechowicz
Earl and Darielle Linehan
Mary Guidera Loker
Kevin S. Lowery and Joey L. Lowery
Ms. Irene Mansfield
Ms. Jonnie Kay McLean and Mr. Norman Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney K. Meier
Jayne E. Miller
Nathalie Fazio Mullinix
Ms. Marie Murray
Mrs. Linda Hambleton Panitz
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Pardoe
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger D. Parker
Mr. W. James Price IV
Ms. Whitney Ransome
Bill and Sharon Reuter
Arnold and Alison Richman
Ms. Rebecca Rothey
Ms. Amalie R. Rothschild
Mr. Gilbert Sandler
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Sapperstein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Schaefer
Mr. Ralph M. Serpe and Mr. Bryan Tate
Mrs. Margot Shriver
Ms. Pam Shriver
Mrs. Jean Silber
Mrs. Margaret C. Taliaferro
Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Thomas Sr.
Dr. H. Mebane Turner
Dr. Georgia B. Vogelsang
Ms. Charlotte Wanner
Mr. Thomas E. Wilcox and Ms. E. Whitney Ransome
Mr. and Mrs. Courtney B. Wilson
Rosella M. Wimmer
Gigi and Bob Wirtz
Ms. Suzanne Wolff
Ms. Susan A. Wolman
Dr. Barbara Young
Mr. Alan R. Yuspeh and Dr. Janet Horn
And 47 donors who prefer to remain anonymous

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