Types of Funds at BCF

Establishing a charitable fund at BCF is an easy and effective way to carry out your philanthropy. We have a variety of different funds that can meet your charitable giving needs.

Funds for Baltimore: giving back to your community

Funds for Baltimore are for people who want to give back to the community they love. Creating a Fund for Baltimore is an ideal way to leave a legacy in your community, or to pay tribute to someone special. 

How will my Fund for Baltimore be used?
BCF uses Funds for Baltimore to fuel strategic grants, initiatives and advocacy in its areas of focus--currently education and neighborhoods. Your fund will be permanent, and as the needs of Baltimore change, your fund will be used to address the evolving needs of our community. Visit the “Making a Difference” section to find out more. 

Can I build a Fund for Baltimore over time?

Yes. Starting a Fund for Baltimore during your lifetime makes a strong statement about your commitment. You can take advantage of taxable events, special occasions and planned giving techniques to build your Fund for Baltimore.

View a sample Fund for Baltimore fund agreement.

Field of Interest Funds: for the cause you care about

Your Field of Interest Fund is a permanent endowment for your area of interest: education, the environment, the arts, or whatever area you designate.  BCF will use your Fund to make grants in the area you choose, today and for generations to come.

View a sample Field of Interest fund agreement.

Donor-Advised Funds: organizing your giving

Donor-advised funds are a tax-advantaged, convenient way to organize your philanthropy, a great solution for:
  • People who want to keep the fun of giving--but lose the paperwork
  • Families looking for a way to engage multiple generations in giving
  • Securing a charitable deduction when you have a taxable event
  • Structuring a corporate giving program
  • Fulfilling your foundation’s 5% payout requirement

How does a donor-advised fund work?

A donor-advised fund is quick and easy to set up, with a low minimum opening gift of $10,000. Once your fund is created, you can recommend distributions from your fund to nonprofit organizations--and BCF will do the rest, carrying out your charitable wishes.

You'll have secure online access to your fund 24/7, and you will receive quarterly statements of fund activity. And when tax time rolls around, all you need is one receipt from BCF for your gift to your fund. 

You can add to your fund at any time and in any amount. BCF can accept a wide variety of gifts: cash, securities, real property--even privately-held stock or partnership interests.

What are the benefits?

Flexibility is the first thing most donors cite: You can secure a charitable tax deduction when you contribute to your fund, and recommend distributions to charities when you're ready--whether that's immediately, or months later. Other great benefits include:

  • Personal service from professional foundation staff
  • Maximum tax benefits for your donations
  • Less paperwork
  • The option of anonymity or recognition for your giving
  • A supportive forum for family giving
  • Opportunities to connect with others

View a sample Donor-Advised fund agreement.

Civic Leadership Funds: helping BCF carry out its mission

Civic leadership funds support the annual operating costs of BCF, enabling its professional staff to carry out its mission.

With resources entrusted to us by individuals, families, corporations, other foundations, and community partners, BCF is creating lasting change in the Baltimore region as a civic leader: a convener of corporate and philanthropic collaboration, a leader both in ideas and in action.

Scholarship Funds: supporting qualified young people

Scholarship funds provide tuition assistance to qualified young people. You may create a named, endowed fund at BCF with a gift of $10,000 or more, and direct the annual spendable amount from that endowment either to the BCF Fund for College Scholarships, or to a scholarship program at a specific high school or college.

Designated Funds: for a specific organization or project

Designated funds are marked by the donor for a specific purpose: a particular organization or project.

View a sample designated fund agreement.

Giving Circles: pooling resources for grantmaking

Giving circles are pooled grantmaking funds, enabling members to combine their contributions, learn together and decide jointly on distributions. BCF hosts several giving circles, the largest of which is the Baltimore Women’s Giving Circle.

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