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Wednesday October 30, 2019

The Kirwan funding formula

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After months of work, the Kirwan Commission has released its cost estimates and a draft funding formula that would allow the state of Maryland and its local school districts to pay for the improvements needed to provide a world-class education to all students. On Oct. 30, Strong Schools Maryland's Joe Francaviglia will join us to break down the funding formula and the path towards implementing Kirwan.    
Tuesday September 24, 2019

Childhood Trauma

Trauma has reached buzzword status in the media. But what is trauma, and how do schools help children deal with the trauma they have experienced? On Sept. 24, we'll sit down with Tiffany July-Lindo and Audry Motlagh-Harvey to talk about trauma, how it's defined, and what Judy Centers are doing to help children experiencing trauma.   

Andrew Waldman
Communications Officer
Tiffany July-Lindo
Development Officer
Audry Motlagh-Harvey, LMSW, MPH 
Johns Hopkins Bayview Community Psychiatry Clinic

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Wednesday June 26, 2019

School Board reflections with Cheryl Casciani

We're sitting down with Cheryl Casciani, the outgoing president of the board of commissioners of the Baltimore City Public Schools (she's also BCF director of special projects). She'll reflect on the challenges and successes during her tenure, and look to the future.

Andrew Waldman
Communications Officer
Cheryl Casciani
Director of Special Projects

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Friday August 16, 2019

Regional Economic Development Planning

In a Baltimore Sun op-ed published July 29, BCF’s Patti Chandler and RBC Global Asset Management’s Catherine Banat advocated for a regional economic development plan that aligns with the unique needs of the Baltimore community. The writers join us August 16 to discuss how such a plan might provide a road map to economic success.

Andrew Waldman
Communications Officer
Patti Chandler
Vice President, Finance & Administration
Catherine Banat
Director of U.S. Responsible Investing, RBC Global Asset Management

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