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Open a Fund

An easy and effective way to carry out your philanthropy.


Invest In Baltimore

Make a difference with your charitable dollars to address Baltimore's most pressing needs.


Support BCF

Help BCF advocate on critical issues, convene public and private partners, and incubate great new ideas for Baltimore.


Create a Legacy

Through BCF, you can support the causes you care about for generations to come.

Focus on Philanthropy


Campaign for BCF and Baltimore raises $103.7 million to help Baltimore thrive now and in perpetuity

The Campaign for BCF and Baltimore was launched in 2013 with a goal of $100,000,000 to support immediate investments in Baltimore neighborhoods and public education and to build permanent endowment to strengthen BCF and ensure its ability to respond to Baltimore’s evolving needs today and for generations to come. 

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Focus on Neighborhoods


Recent Investment: Patterson Park Neighborhood Greening Partnership

Who wants to live with trash and rats? The obvious answer is “no one.”  Fighting back takes determination and organization, but the payoff can be huge: a neighborhood where people want to invest their time and money, a neighborhood they can be proud of. 

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Focus on Education


Baltimore Philanthropists Commit $6 Million to Ensure Pre-K Children are Ready for School

BCF announced today a $6 million contribution to the expansion of Judy Centers, releasing significant public funds to provide early childhood education and support services to 5,000 Baltimore City children and their families.

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2015-2016 Report

Investing in Baltimore

We’re pleased to present our most recent report for you to view.


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