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Tuesday September 20, 2016

Youth Leadership for Change Grants Program

BCF's Neighborhood Grants Program aims to help neighborhoods become and remain safe, vibrant, clean and green. Recently, BCF worked with the Annie E. Casey Foundation to add a new grant program to NGP: Youth Leadership for Change grants. These grants support projects targeted at addressing issues in the community that impact Baltimore youth. Join Dion Cartwright, program officer, as she discusses how this program is engaging youth to make neighborhoods stronger. 

Ralph M. Serpe, CFRE
Vice President, Development
Dion Cartwright
Program Officer
Monday August 22, 2016

Race, Equity and Inclusion

By being intentional and strategic about diversity, equity, and inclusion, BCF is working to become a more effective community investor capable of achieving our vision of a Baltimore with a growing economy, where all have the opportunity to thrive. On the call, BCF’s Keisha Leverette and Kevin Griffin Moreno provide an overview of BCF's race, equity and inclusion work. Link: Rodney Foxworth Jr. in Medium 


Kevin G. Moreno
Interim Director of Community Investment
Keisha Leverette
Director of Major Gifts


Wednesday July 20, 2016

Avoid these mistakes to make the most of your giving

Completing your charitable giving plan is a complex task. What are the common issues that arise during the process? Ralph Serpe, VP of Philanthropy, will sit down with two of BCF's charitable giving experts - Ralph Serpe and Keisha Leverette - to discuss some of the common mistakes they see in giving plans and how you can avoid them in your own plan.  

Ralph M. Serpe, CFRE
Vice President, Philanthropy
Keisha Leverette
Campaign Director
Monday June 20, 2016

Middle Grades Partnership

Middle Grades Partnership works with public and private schools to provide exceptional summer programming that halts summer learning loss and addresses issues of race, class and opportunity. Join Wendy Samet, MGP executive director, to hear about MGP's work to bring students together across Baltimore.

Gigi Wirtz
Director of Communications
Wendy Samet
Executive Director, Middle Grades Partnership
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